I have but one humble request: Play Minit because it’s free

The circle of life

I don’t ask much of you. I’m not your parent, so I don’t care whether you eat your veggies. I’m not your boss, so I don’t care what time you roll out of bed. I’m just a guy who writes words on the internet, and then you get to decide whether you cared for the words that I wrote. The relationship probably weighs more on me than on you.

But you can do something for me. Play Minit. “But that’s money I don’t want to spend,” you exclaim, foolishly. Nonsense. It is free on the Epic Games Store this week. You have until October 10 to add it to your account.

Why am I personally invested in you playing Minit? Because I love it a lot. In my review, I wrote “Minit is astonishingly proficient at examining how one minute is enough time to be startling efficient and woefully inept.” Then I scored it a 10. Then I realized this bite-sized Link’s Awakening-like adventure was one of my favorite games of 2018. Then I decided to hate anyone who won’t play it.

Wouldn’t want me to hate you! Play Minit!

Minit [Epic Games Store]

Brett Makedonski
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