I hate Nioh 2’s Valve helmet so so so so so much


It’s a busy day for Nioh news, all of it good. Scratch that. Almost all of it good.

Both Nioh games are coming to PS5 with 4K and 120fps support on February 5, 2021. (That’s good.) Also, Nioh 2‘s complete edition is launching on Steam on the same date. (That’s also good.) Lastly, everyone who buys Nioh 2 on Steam will get an exclusive Valve helmet. (That’s good in theory but hideous in execution.)

RockPaperShotgun reported on the Valve helmet and called it “an affront to the eyes” and “upsetting to behold.” I’m inclined to agree! I can’t tell what I hate more: The RGB keyboard wrapping around the head or the godawful Valve poking out the back. That red hexagon is all you’d see for 50 hours, like your character grew an umbrella out the back of their head.

Anyway, almost a flawless day for Nioh fans. But, anyone who plays these games knows that you’re inevitably going to take some damage. Sometimes RGB stands for “Really Gross (and) Bad.”

Brett Makedonski
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