I has a manual: Halo 3 manual scans for the obsessive who has everything

[Video removed due to a scary copyright infringement email from Microsoft. No Halo for you!] 

We in the ‘hardcore’ demographic of the gaming community might not be quite as hyped for Halo 3 as we are for certain other games, but there’s no denying that the blockbuster title is going to be absolutely huge and things like this clip of manual scans is going to be snapped up by frag-happy obsessives the world over.  There’s not much for me to comment on, it’s just some leaked manual scans just in case you can’t wait until September to look at pictures of guns. 

They are nice pictures of guns, though. You may cherish them.

[Cheers to TehuberOne & AngelsDontBurn]

James Stephanie Sterling