I guess that WAS Just Cause 3: Coming to Xbox, PS4, PC 2015

And set in the fake Mediterranean!

We recently saw screenshots of something purporting to be Just Cause 3. Seems likely they were.

You know what the first damn thing I noticed in the Game Informer Just Cause 3 cover announcement? It wasn’t the hookshot or the beard & bedhead or the burning city streets below or even the nice beaches. It was the little Italian flag emblazoned on the foremost helicopter.

Or I guess the fake Italian flag as the open world havoc simulator is set to take place in a fictional Mediterranean archipelago. But who cares where it’s set. This game is going to be about goofing off to the max and I can’t wait. It’s coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2015.

December Cover Revealed – Just Cause 3 [Game Informer]

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