I got beaten and sh*t on because of Zack and Wiki

[God, I love it when stories like this come in on the Destructophone. We just go crazy, really. I mean, we have a guy here who based on the words of Rev Anthony, suffered through a beating and a bird attack just to get something that Rev likes. The power of words, eh? Don’t worry, we’re not getting full of ourselves just yet — we thought you all would enjoy this story. Also, share some of your epic adventures in trying to get a game in the community blogs or comments. — DMV]

I’ve been reading a lot about Zack and Wiki on Destructoid, and was pretty interested because I’ve always loved point-and-click adventure games. I grew up on King’s Quest and all that stuff. After reading Rev. Anthony’s review this weekend, I took his subtle hint to buy Zak & Wiki right now. As it was 10:30 at night on a Saturday in New York, I went to the only place I knew that’d be open: the Times Square Virgin Megastore. I put on my heaphones and iPod and headed out the door.

Halfway to the subway station, Final Fantasy‘s “Furniture” came on (a pretty great song, actually). I was enjoying poppy violin goodness, happy that I was about to pick up THE BEST GAME ON THE WII RIGHT NOW. And then…


Some asshat decided to hit me HARD with a blunt object on the side of my head and then run away immediately — he didn’t even stick around to get anything. He just wanted to nail me on the head. What in the hell. My headphones (the big, over the head kind) were busted in half, and since I was closer to the subway than home, I wobbled over to the train station to get the hell out of there.

At this point, I’m presented with a decision: do I go back home home empty-handed and possibly get knocked on the other side of my head, or do I continue on my journey to get the best game on the Wii? I figure if I’m going to get bashed in the head, I might as well get something for it. So, I kept going. Once I got off the train, to add insult to injury, a pigeon sh*t on my shoulder. At least Virgin had the game.

So far, I’ve pretty much loved it. I’ve just beaten the first boss, and the game’s a ton of fun. Worth beatings and being shat upon? We’ll see.