I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 9/24/07

Upon going back and listening to nine weeks worth of Mushroom Singdoms, I came to the conclusion that I was relying too heavily on my classic “guy and guitar” mold. Since that’s only a fraction of the kind of stuff I do, I decided to break out the instruments and diversify. Sure, I only have about 4 hours in which to write the three songs, but that doesn’t mean I can’t produce them out a little bit.

Not a bad week in VC land. THE LEGEND OF HERO TONMA is fun and frustrating and it gets a regge inspired ditty (That’s my favorite song of this week). Kirby’s Avalanche is what it is as I say in the song, that type of puzzle game just works formulaically. And of course Streets of Rage 3.  I do prefer Final Fight, though that’s probably just nostalgia talking.  I attempted to infuse this singing review with some  modern rock n’ roll umph.

What do you think?