I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 9/17/07

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As has already been pointed out, this week’s Virtual Console offering isn’t quite as brilliant as in recent months, but that makes things a little simpler for me song-wise. The worse a game is, the easier it is for me to write a song about it. I take things in a very strange direction with World Class Baseball, where the overhead view of the out fielding reminded me of Gauntlet. I mean, just look at it! At first, I was going to try to work this association into strict “song” form, but I opted instead to ad lib a talking section. I hope it’s funny!

I really enjoyed Yoshi’s Story. People on the Internets appear to be somewhat split on this game. It was the first time I had played it. 

And then there’s Super Thunder Blade. Oi vey. But of course, true to form, this being the worst game means that I like the song the best. What do you think?

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