I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 05/26/08

After a month hiatus, I’m back with yet another singing review. I only did one of the two games this week because honestly, that’s all I had in me. The game I chose was City Connection on the NES. Don’t get upset, as the only reason I didn’t do Metal Slug was because I couldn’t find any good .midi files for that game. When I use the game music as inspiration for the song, I take the midi files, chop them all to pieces, add a bunch of different sounds, and then write lyrics and a melody that goes over it. That’s exactly what I did here.

This game is all right. The controls are loose, but feel right nonetheless. The music is so cheesy that it becomes fantastic. The core mechanic, part Donkey Kong and part Pac-Man, works really well somehow. Taken all together, I’m sucked in by this game’s charm.