I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 04/28/08

I’m a little late posting last week’s Mushroom Singdom. A mixture of too much partying, Grand Theft Auto 4 playing, and sheer laziness kept me from posting this sooner. 
But anyway … amazing! Last week was River City Ransom, and then we got Double Dragon! Nintendo is on a roll. And so am I. Using the title screen theme music as direct inspiration, I was struggling to find the lyric and melody. I finally hit on a stark vocal style with lines like, “Two mullets and rat tails…”, which I rather liked. Then something strange happened. I noticed that I could sing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” complete with the chorus and everything, directly over this title page theme music. It fit perfectly. 
So, I present to you, O Members of Destructoid, a mash-up of a quintessential 80’s beat-’em-up, and a quintessential 80’s pop song. Check it.