I, GameJew: Mushroom Singdom 09/10/07

Funny thing I’ve noticed doing these weekly singing Virtual Console Reviews: I much prefer writing songs about obscure games as opposed to well known ones. For some reason, writing a song about, say, Cratermaze, is far easier than, for instance, Sonic 3. What in the world does one say about Sonic 3? Should you buy it? Yes. Is it really just more of the same? Definitely. But what the hell do I put in the song?

“Yeah! It’s a Sonic game, alright!”

While we’re on the topic of “more of the same”, check out Neutopia 2. There’s no doubt it’s a well crafted game and when I wrote a song for it’s predecessor, I recommended it because a good game is a good game. But this time, I just got mad! It’s beyond flattery! As I say in the song, I find it personally insulting that this game so blatantly rips off Zelda. Blasphemy!

Let me know what you all think.