I don’t feel so good: Buy your own Left 4 Dead health pack

“Here, let me patch you up.”

Etsy user sindeegee had the bright idea to create, from scratch, one of Left 4 Dead‘s health packs. The final product nails the iconic look of the in-game item, and is sized at “8” x 10″ l x 3″ d.” In short, it’s totally big enough to carry all of your meds during the forthcoming zombie invasion.

The bad news is that there’s only one of these things available. And it’s going to run you $40. Ouch. We’re also not exactly sure what you’d do with it, either. Carrying your books to class in this thing might get you a few crooked looks… until everyone realizes you’ll be saving their asses during a zombie attack.

[Update: The item we originally linked to is now sold out, but sindeegee is making more available and has lowered the cost. We clearly understatimated the demand for this thing; please let us know your location so we can coordinate our zombie ourbreak survival strategies.]

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