I can’t wait to play Heart Forth, Alicia on Switch when it’s finally done

Take your time

Every now and again I remember Heart Forth, Alicia is on the way, and I just smile. I still have such high hopes. Today, there are a few more reasons to bring up the magical metroidvania. First, this gif:

Notably, there are now plans for Nintendo Switch, aka the exact place I want to play this kind of game. The Switch version will replace Wii U pledges for Kickstarter backers, as you would hope and expect.

Also unsurprisingly, Heart Forth, Alicia won’t make it out this year – it’s delayed again. “There’s still a considerable amount of things that must be achieved before the game is finished, and we simply aren’t close enough to the end line to confidently give you a release window,” said developer Alonso Martin.

“This development span has been, and continues to be, absolutely essential to get the game to the standard of quality we promised you. We’re committed to being transparent with you and keeping you in the loop regarding the project’s progress, both in terms of milestones and difficulties.”

The latest Kickstarter post serves as a status update, offering insight into where Heart Forth, Alicia is at right now (the “backbone” is nearing completion) and why development is slow-going (every dungeon introduces new mechanics “to keep things fresh for the player,” and there’s loads of optional content).

Everything I’ve seen of this game looks wonderful. I’m happy to continue waiting indefinitely.

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