I can’t unsee this Elden Ring + Super Mario World map comparison

Elden Ring + Super Mario 2

This will change my perception every time I play both games

Elden Ring + Super Mario? After looking at this map comparison from Twitter user Lucky Bun, yeah, I can see it!

I’m shocked that I never thought about it before, given that I’ve played Super Mario World no less than 200 times, but so much of it fits. You basically start in the same spot (south of Limgrave), then the “critical path” potentially has players working around clockwise, depending on how you choose to approach either game. Just like in Elden Ring, there is room for experimentation and exploration via Star World in Super Mario World.

My favorite bit is how the Vanilla Dome is compared to Nokron: The Eternal City: and they even added in the Star World to the Crumbling Farum Azula connection. I’ll never be able to look at both of these maps the same way again. I’m exaggerating of course, as this sort of world map layout isn’t completely unique to these two games, but it’s a fun little observation in any case.

If you don’t have the Super Mario map memorized, just look at the Elden Ring map below (from Fextralife) next to Lucky Bun’s interpretation of where everything goes. Looks pretty spot-on to me!

Elden Ring vs. Super Mario 3

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