I can’t stop laughing at this bootleg Legend of Zelda Link amiibo

Bent Sword +1

The amiibo news network, collectively, has been pretty quiet for the past year. We get the occasional big figure push that predictably sells out quickly (Solaire), and the past two E3s have given us a handful of announcements, but it’s been a much more low key atmosphere as a whole. Wave 4’s bungled launch and the over-saturation of Animal Crossing amiibo helped cool the craze.

If you haven’t been following prices for various figures, the standard Smash Link amiibo shot up drastically to double its MSRP (up to $30) in late 2017, and has since become more in demand than it’s ever been (Zelda amiibo on the whole are fetching insane prices right now, like $60+ for the Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess variations).

Naturally, that lends itself to a scammer’s market filled with bootlegs — like this alleged case on reddit, posted by ConnerMiller. Simply titled “This 15.00$ [sic] bootleg amiibo,” the post claims that the figure was acquired from eBay, and has a bottom with a “foamy like feeling” that “doesn’t work.”

Once I scanned it and saw the combination of the generic case, the giant base, and the bent sword — I started laughing. Consider this a PSA of sorts! Check the photo of the listing before you buy. If all else fails eBay generally sides with the buyer in many cases.

This 15.00$ bootleg amiibo [Reddit]

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