I Am Setsuna developer teases image, likely being given a second chance

Setsuna bombed

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It would probably surprise most of you that an RPG modeled directly after Chrono Trigger, released on multiple successful platforms, has bombed, but that’s just what I Am Setsuna did.

It wasn’t the greatest RPG all told but it deserved more than a 244 million yen loss for Square Enix, and will definitely impact the publisher’s opinion to create original works over droves of remakes and remasters. Either way, newfound studio Tokyo RPG Factory is still in play, and is likely teasing their next project with an official image on their company website.

The caption (unchanged from their previous pitch for Setsuna) explains, “Countless adventures captivated us when we were kids. Now, it’s time for us to return the favor with adventures of our own.” I’m in!

Return the favor [Tokyo RPG Factory] Thanks Jack!

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