I Am Fish prototype to be expanded into a full game in 2021

Let the fish puns commence

Following positive public feedback, Bossa Studios – creator of quirky titles such as Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread – has announced its intentions to develop prototype title I Am Fish into a full game.

I Am Fish, like I Am Bread before it, is a meticulously controlled physics-based affair in which players must guide the titular trout (it’s not a trout) from its domesticated bowl back to the ocean, using Marble Madness-style mechanics and smart, adaptive pathfinding to safely negotiate the environment. Should the bowl break, or the fish otherwise end up outta water, then the course is reset. The video below will quickly get you up to speed.

“What separated I Am Fish from its companions was the passion players had for their little fish’s journey and their enthusiasm about what a full game could be,” said Bossa Studios co-founder Imre Jela of the fans’ enthusiasm. “We loved seeing all the clever tricks people used to complete the levels in ways we didn’t expect and we were swept away by all the tales of pain and joy that happened along the way.”

As Bossa is currently beavering away at Surgeon Simulator 2, I Am Fish isn’t expected to launch until sometime in 2021. But for now, the prototype can still be downloaded from the studio’s official website.

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