I Am Bread speedrunner toasts the old world record

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I Am Bread isn’t exactly a staple of the larger speedrunning community. Maybe it should be, though. I Am Bread is one of the sillier takes on the “Simulator” genres, wherein the player has to finagle a piece of bread onto heat sources that will toast it. Easier said than done. There’s a QWOP-like clumsiness to it all, as physics and 12 grains fight your every move.

Speedrunner PootLoops has masterful control over bread and now he has a world record to show for it. Over the course of 6 minutes and 12 seconds, he hurls slices of gluten across I Am Bread‘s eight stages with effortless ease. This game shouldn’t look as simple as he makes it seem. It’s cathartic in a way.

According to Speedrun.com, there’s a renewed interest in I Am Bread. PootLoops’ world record was six seconds faster than the old record, which was set just 10 days prior. The top three runs have taken place within the past two weeks. Are there more Toast Made Quick runs on the way? I say keep ’em crumbing.

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