I Am Alive released in 2011?

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I Am Alive is starting to whiff a little of Sadness or Duke Nukem Forever, considering the fact that very little has been seen of it since launch. According to Darkworks senior game designer Charles Gaudron, we might not be seeing anything for quite some time yet, with his Linkedin profile listing the title for 2011.

Darkworks had development of I Am Alive yanked from their hands a while ago, with Ubisoft transporting the game over to its Shanghai studio. This makes Gaudron’s reliability unclear. We do know that Ubisoft has stated that I Am Alive will arrive during its next fiscal year, which runs from April 1 2010 to March 31 2011, so it could certainly come during the time Gaudron lists. 

I Am Alive’s troubled development doesn’t fill me with much enthusiasm for the game. Handed off to more than one studio, pushed back, and barely anything to show for it. Does not sound like this game is going well.

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