I Am Alive is now a franchise, apparently

It hasn’t even been released yet, but Ubisoft is already looking at I Am Alive as a new franchise. This new first person survival game was only announced a shirt while back, though that hasn’t stopped its creators looking far into the future, as explained in an interview with MCV:

Could there be more I Am Alives in the future?
Yes. We want to remain alive, anyway. Clearly, when we are creating a franchise, it’s a long-term process. We want to keep it and have more iterations, because it’s a big investment at the beginning to launch it. So it’s better when you can advertise and bet on a few franchises in the years to come. We hope it can be another strong franchise for our portfolio, alongside Prince Of Persia or Rayman Rabbids. It’s a new baby for us – and we have big hopes.
I’m sure that there was a day when game developers were not so presumptuous as to see games in terms of franchises, but it seems to be the way of things. It would appear that a game isn’t worth one’s time and effort unless at least two more sequels were guaranteed with it. Here’s hoping the first one actually turns out to be good, at least, since some of us wait and find that out before we think about sequels.

James Stephanie Sterling