I am 8 Bit opening draws the best of LAs chic geeks

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There is something about being surrounded by video game art and jamming out to chiptunes that makes me feel at home. Apparently I am not the only one, as Gallery 1988 on Melrose had a line wrapped around the block last night to see this year’s I am 8 Bit premiere. There wasn’t an inch of room to spare among the throngs of geek hungry attendees.

In addition to well loved artists like Luke Chueh and Amy Sol, we got to check out the work of tons of other Gallery 1988’s wicked alchemists. Interpretations ranged from serious to hilarious. It’s a thrill to see this show getting bigger and bigger every year, although at the rate they are going, the gallery may need to expand by the time I am 8 Bit 2008 rolls around.

Check out the pics and tell us about your favorites. 

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