I <3 Geeks gets a teaser and release window

A few months ago, CDV announced I <3 Geeks for the DS and now they’ve released this brief teaser. In case you haven’t heard of it already, you play as a nerd who wants to win the affections of a cheerleader by creating Rube Goldberg machines. After all, what girl can resist a man who creates a convoluted means to accomplish a basic task?

When I was in the seventh and eighth grades, The Incredible Machine took up a huge chunk of my time spent in the computer lab of my middle school. It was an inventive and fun puzzle experience, so I’m excited to see what appears to be that kind of gameplay again. The DS is perfect for it as well, not only for the touchscreen control but the ability to play a quick puzzle in between other activities. 

There is some bad news, however. While it initially appeared that the game would have a fall release (with some sites listing it for early October), it seems we’ll have to wait a bit longer to try it out.  According to the trailer, we can expect to see I <3 Geeks in spring of 2009.


Conrad Zimmerman