Hyrule Warriors’ Link costume DLC is for Zelda nerds only

A cool thing for people who like uncool things

This trailer gave me a case of the vapors. Those three Zelda games may look similar to those who only have a passing familiarity with the series, but for those who’ve played them all in-depth, they represent three very different emotional experiences. 

Seeing Ocarina of Time Link’s bright green tunic juxtaposed against Twilight Princess Link’s darker, dirtier attire brought back all the emotions that came along with witnessing Nintendo move through the N64 era into the Gamecube and Wii times. The appearance of Skyward Sword‘s Link cause me to immediately think about how wonderful and often unappreciated that game is. So many feelings from just watching a guy in different outfits beat up some monsters…

Out of curiosity, I showed the trailer off to a group of friends at brunch this morning to see if would evoke anything in them. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that they didn’t even notice that Link’s clothes change throughout the video. “Looks pretty good for a Zelda game.” they said. “I like the part with the magic. Awesome graphics, dude.”

It will be interesting to see if Hyrule Warriors ends up selling with anyone other than Dynasty Warriors fans and veteran Zelda nerds like myself.  

Hyrule Warriors Link DLC costumes trailer [GoNintendo]

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