Hyrule Warriors’ amiibo support is boring

An all-new weapon and daily items

Nintendo has explained which amiibo toys do what in Hyrule Warriors and, frankly, the game’s support for the near-field communication figurines is rather dull. With Link (or Toon Link), players can get the Spinner weapon from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. That’s good.

But using the Zelda amiibo? Functional, sure, but boring. Players can use Zelda to earn a weapon rated three stars or higher, up to once per day. All other supported amiibo can generate a weapon rated three stars or lower, or a Rupee or crafting material bonus, also daily. Yay?

I’m starting to wonder if these things will be worth owning unless you have multiple games with amiibo perks (and even then, I’m skeptical). I was this close to ordering one alongside my Super Smash Bros. pre-order but nothing in the initial batch jumped out at me. I might go for King Dedede — and I would definitely go for Tom Nook and Pikmin, assuming the hints pan out — but that’s because I’m fond of those characters. Their in-game use is, as it stands, irrelevant to me.

If only I were a kid. I’d be losing my shit over amiibo. I’d want them all.

Jordan Devore
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