Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity reveals its special expansion pass DLC costume

May 28

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has been out for half a year now, and we already want more content. That’s how these things go! People tear through the Warriors games as a whole in an insatiable fashion. But eventually Koei Tecmo and Nintendo did announce that there was more coming: like there was any doubt.

So here’s a recap: on May 28, folks who buy the expansion pass will get a new weapon and costume for Link. Then afterward in June, we’ll get an “expanded roster,” as well as more weapons, Royal Ancient Lab challenges, and “more challenging enemies.”

Then in November “Wave 2” will arrive, with “new character vignettes,” more stages (!), another roster expansion, and more battle skills for existing characters. It’s a pretty big upgrade all-around for the entire game, both the past and the present cast, by the time the year is through.

Now, we have an idea of what those May 28 pre-order items actually are though! Thanks to a tweet from the official account for the game (and Hyrule Warriors as a whole), we’ve got a good look at the Ancient Armor and Ancient Sword bonuses. I’d say it’s good enough! Now bring on the DLC.

As a reminder, the Age of Calamity season pass is $20.

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