Hyperkin’s ‘ProCube’ controller is literally a Wii U Pro in the GameCube style

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It’s a shame that the official GameCube controller adapter for Wii U doesn’t work for anything outside of Super Smash Bros., but Hyperkin is aiming to fix that problem with its own proprietary option.

It’s called the “ProCube” controller, and while it’s shaped just like a Cube remote, it actually functions as a Wii U Pro Controller — meaning, it’ll work on anything that supports it. I can’t imagine playing, say, Bayonetta 2 on it, but it looks sweet enough. The ProCube is completely sold out on its official website, but it’s going for $29.99 at GameStop in three variants — black, purple, and white. The launch date is February 29.

Wii U Pro Controller [GameStop via Nintendo Everything]

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