Hyper Light Drifter preview extended until October 31

It’s not too late to try it out for yourself

You may remember that Hyper Light Drifter‘s three-day preview for backers at the $25 tier and up was rescheduled to run from October 3rd through the 5th. That brief window has been extended until the end of October, giving Drifters just under a month to experience the hauntingly beautiful game for themselves.

Heart Machine explains the rationale behind this decision in a recent Kickstarter update: 

“…allowing everyone who supported us at this level (and above) the time to participate and help inform the foundation of the game is important! Some wouldn’t be able to join in on the 3 day weekend, thus, the extended timing.”

That’s good news for everyone! Originally, I was a little concerned that three days wouldn’t be enough time to spend with the game. Now that it’s available for the rest of the month, I can slow it down a bit and truly savor the experience.

If you’re curious about the title, it’s definitely not too late to get in on this. Head on over to Heart Machine’s website and hit up the Humble Widget to pre-order your copy and start playing now.

Rob Morrow