Hyped, amped: Chuck D and Just Blaze lend talents to NBA Ballers: Chosen One

If there’s one man that can make me start a revolution, it’s Public Enemy front man and founder Chuck D. But is he enough to make me want to buy a game? I’m not quite sure, but it’s pretty cool to hear the emcee will be providing play-by-play commentary for Midway’s upcoming arcade-ish basketball title, NBA Ballers: Chosen One.

And there are only two people that can make me dance. One is Richard Simmons, because once I start sweating to the oldies, nothing can stop me from shaking my skinny white ass. The other is hip-hop producer Just Blaze, who will be producing the entire instrumental score for Chosen One. Blaze (who has produced booty-shaking, crotch-grinding beats for everyone from Jay-Z to Kanye West) is no stranger to game soundtracks — he’s lent his music to at least two Electronic Arts sports games (which I won’t name by name, but each sport uses a ball).

Unlike many sports titles, Chosen One shuns the traditional collection of licensed songs, in favor of Blaze’s soundtrack which will “interact with the gameplay.” As he points out in the launch trailer, Blaze takes this very seriously, doing his best to match the music with the vibe. For example, one scene is “kind of like the ocean-side, kind of like the beach type of vibe with yachts and things like that.” In that case, Blaze drops beats that are salty, sandy, and hot. See where they’re going with this?

NBA Ballers: Chosen One hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this spring.

Nick Chester