Huxley delayed until 2009. In other news, Huxley still exists

Webzen’s sci-fi MMOFPS Huxley has been in development since the Declaration of Independence was signed. This can be said without exaggeration. If you cast your mind back — way back — you may recall having once heard of this free-to-play FPS with an MMO flavor. It might take some real mind raking, however.

Now that you remember what Huxley is, you may now be told that the game has been delayed until 2009. Nope, I wasn’t aware it was due to launch in the next two months either, but apparently it was. So basically, the gist of this article is that something you did not know is happening is now not going to happen. Hard. Hitting. Videogame. News. Bitches.

The reason for the delay is apparently due to localization. The game has been in open beta within Korea for a few months, but the US has, so far, seen nothing.

I remember once being really interested in this game. I have nothing further to add to that thought.

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