Husk has a conveyor belt of plastic baby parts and nope nope nope nope nope

Husk also has a release date

Shivercliff is an ominous name for a town. Some places, like Raccoon City or Bright Falls, have negative stigmas because of our past experiences in them. Others, like Silent Hill, get that stigma before we ever have to go there. Shivercliff is squarely in that latter category.

Shivercliff, a town where bad things surely happen, is the setting of Husk. This is a Polish-developed horror game that we had a chance to try a few months ago. Zack found it fascinating in its take on American places, mixing creepy small town tropes with large city features. That aside, Husk seems like it’s comfortable in its horror roots.

The reason we’re talking about Husk again is because it just received its release date (and this trailer to commemorate the occasion). Husk will launch on February 3 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Developer UndeadScout hasn’t mentioned a price, but the game’s Steam page says it’s a four to five hour experience. Set your expectations accordingly.

As for me, I’m expecting the worst (in a good way). You see, this trailer has a shot of a conveyor belt of plastic doll parts. Dolls freak me out, man. I think it’s because of that one scene in Red Dragon when Edward Norton’s investigating the murder at the Leeds’ house and it suddenly flashes between the little girl’s dolls and the dead family with mirrors in their eyes. Messed me up real good. Stay away from dolls. They’re nothing but trouble.

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