Hunt some monsters on PS4 with Monster Hunter Frontier Z

Japan only, so far

The MMO variant of Monster Hunter is landing on PS4 in Japan in the near future (November 22nd, to be clear). Capcom released a trailer today that shows off some of the (slight) visual upgrades this new version will bring.

Monster Hunter Frontier was a PC spin-off of the series that originally launched in 2007. It then made its way to Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U before now jumping over to PS4. The very limited info I can find about the game says that PS3 and PS Vita players can share data and play on the same servers, so maybe this new version will do the same.

All previous versions of the game will be updated to correspond with the Z content. I’m guessing that means more monsters and more quests. That should be awesome for all of our fellow gamers across the pond, but I’m curious as to why Capcom wouldn’t create some servers for the West.

Then again, Monster Hunter has never been as massive over here as it has been in Japan. I would kill to have a PC version of Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate. In the mean time, we’ll just have to do with some artwork and the trailer.

Capcom Brings Monster Hunter Frontier to PS4 With Monster Hunter Frontier Z [DualShockers]


Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.