Humble’s proving that Steam isn’t the only one who can do a big ol’ seasonal sale

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Steam’s famed Winter Sale recently ended, but your opportunity for PC games on the cheap hasn’t yet passed. Humble’s giving you a second chance with a Winter Sale of its own.

For 14 days (it’s day four now), Humble is offering up a whole bunch of video games at a discount. Some of the most revered titles from 2015 are there too, such as Rocket League, The Beginner’s Guide, and Her Story. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though.

In fact, there’s even a sale inception of sorts going on. Some of the tiles mention smaller sales, like a Bandai Namco event where there are an additional 20-something games at a discount (including the fantastic, fabulous, amazing Enslaved for $5).

And, in true Humble fashion, some of the revenue goes to charity — ten percent in this instance. At least this way you can do a little bit of good while hoarding a bunch of games you’ll probably never play.

Humble Winter Sale [Humble Bundle]

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