Humble’s giving away the original Homefront right now

Grab it before Saturday

Another day, another Humble freebie. This time it’s 2011’s THQ-published-but-eventually-bought-by-Deep-Silver Homefront. Or, “The Gang Solves The North Korea Situation.”

It’s easy enough to nab. Just go to the game’s page on Humble, add it to your cart, check out, and then redeem the Steam key that you’re sent. Not much hassle at all. Liberating America will be the more arduous task.

Interested parties shouldn’t sleep on this too long though. The offer runs until midday on December 9 — approximately 44 hours from the time this post goes up. After that, the price reverts to $20. It’s literally incalculable how much of a percentage change that is. 

Homefront [Humble]

Brett Makedonski
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