Humble Brag recap: Humble Bundle announces five new game partnerships, including an old school FPS and a turn-based RPG

All of them look great

With the physical world at a standstill, the digital world is thriving. 

More and more publishers are moving to the Nintendo Direct model at an unprecedented pace, to the point where when things cool down, we’ll probably be seeing more of them in general. Humble Bundle is the latest to join the trend, with their first pre-recorded “Humble Brag” presentation today: an initiative they are calling a “series.”

First, the prelude.

Humble took the time to remind folks that two parts of their publishing arm are arriving soon: One Step from Eden (PC, Switch) on March 26, and Fae Tactics in “spring” of this year on the same platforms. Both look lovely, with the former using Mega Man.EXE as inspiration and the latter drawing upon a decades-old history of SRPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Next come the newly announced partnerships. This circle includes Wildfire, a stealth game that focuses around burning things, Ambition: A Minuet of Power, a “rouge-lite visual novel centering on 18th century Paris” (whoa), Prodeus, an old school sci-fi FPS with a level editor and community map workshop, Ring of Pain, a “roguelike experience with card game pacing,” and The Iron Oath, a turn-based RPG in a “dark fantasy” world.

You can find the entire collective of games here! I can dig this sort of presentation style: short and sweet. Those virtues will be invaluable if every single publisher starts to do these Direct style streams.

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