Humanity is a new game from Rez Infinite developer Enhance

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Tokyo commute

As part of the State of Play today, the next game from Res Infinite developer Enhance was announced with a May 2023 window. Humanity looks like an abstract mix of Pikmin and Lemmings.

In Humanity, you play as a dog-thing that leads an absolute fleet of generic humans through geometric stages. The trailer showed off obstacles such as water, fans, and even opposing fleets of humans. On top of the adventure included in the game, you’re able to create and share your own levels.

The whole aesthetic reminds me of PS2-era Japanese games. It’s an abstract gameplay-first concept that you rarely see in the mainstream. Humanity is coming to PS4 PS5 sometime in May and as support for both versions of PSVR. A demo for it will be dropping today.

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