Humanity arrives in May, and will be Day 1 for PS Plus Game Catalog


Finally, Humanity is launching

It will soon be time for Humanity to hit PC and PlayStation. Enhance and Tha Ltd.’s human-driven puzzle game will debut on May 16, and it will be a Day 1 game for the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog.

This curious mixture of puzzle-solving and barking orders debuted during a Sony State of Play earlier this year, alongside a demo. Now, the puzzler is ready to launch onto both PlayStation 4 and PS5, as well as PC, and with VR versions on PS VR and PS VR2.

Additionally, Humanity will be one of May’s PlayStation Plus Game Catalog entries. This means those who subscribe to the upper two tiers of PS Plus, either Extra or Premium, will get access to Humanity for no cost.

As you can see in the frankly delightful commercial above, Humanity follows a service dog who can direct mass amounts of humans around puzzling stages. The glowing shiba inu can place commands for the hordes of humans to follow, creating a forward-marching line of people that’s wild to watch.

The Humanity team is advertising a “90-plus stage single-player Story Mode,” but there’s even more potential in the level creator section too. Users will be able to create and share their own puzzle levels online.

Humanity‘s best friend

Every time I see Humanity, it feels like a PS1 puzzle game leapt forward in time. It’s got such a markedly different look and feel from many other games out there right now, and I love the seemingly simple but extremely flexible set-up of the game. Suffice to say, this is on my radar for May, even if it’s launching alongside one of the year’s biggest releases.

This is also another get for the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog, as having something like this Day 1 certainly makes the service look appealing. The open-air adventure Tchia was also a Game Catalog launch, and it’s interesting to see Sony get more of these lined up.

Humanity arrives for PlayStation 4, PS5, PS VR, PS VR2, and Steam on May 16.

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