Human: Fall Flat and The Flame in the Flood are coming to Nintendo Switch

You can’t double dip if you never dipped to begin with

Tired of hearing about Nintendo Switch ports? I hope not! I can’t help but want to cover them. Two cool games you’ve probably heard of but maybe haven’t played yet are confirmed for the system.

Human: Fall Flat is the one I’m interested in mostly because I never got around to trying it. It’s a physics-based puzzle-platformer about a doughy boy. Here’s Zack describing how it plays from his review:

“Even climbing up ledges in this game is a difficult treat. You have to jump, use both hands to grab the top of the edge making sure to get most of your belly up there too, and then look down to push yourself up. That sounds involved and complicated but it had to be in order for Human to be so fun. There’s also co-op throughout the entire game which adds to the physical comedy aspect, and suddenly everything becomes an opportunity for dick-ish sabotage.”

As for The Flame in the Flood, you’re looking at crafting, managing items, and just generally trying to stay alive as you make the long trek down a hazardous river. “The post-societal visuals of crumbling buildings, broken-down cars drifting along the flooded river, and menacing wildlife lurking in the distance, paired with an excellent folk rock soundtrack featuring Chuck Ragan, creates a unique atmosphere of exploring a desolate frontier,” Ben wrote in his review.

Human: Fall Flat doesn’t have a release window, but The Flame in the Flood is targeting October.

Jordan Devore
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