Huh, so this is what Ancients of Ooga looks like

You remember Cloning Clyde, right? If not, don’t worry about it too much. Ancients of Ooga, the spiritual successor to that game, is where it’s at now anyway. Earlier today, we got our first glimpse of the 2.5D platformer for Xbox LIVE Arcade, and it’s looking good.

As a member of the Oogani tribe, you were brought up thinking it’s okay to eat everything. Different types of food will have varying effects. Some are good and grant you powers; others, not so much. Apparently there are even “narcotic slugs that make you loopy.”

Eat fuzzy get dizzy? Now we’re talking. These first screenshots are supposed to be from a beta version of Ancients of Ooga, which means we may not be getting our hands on it anytime soon; we all know how long the certification process can — and usually does — take.

Ancients of Ooga – First Screenshots [NinjaBee blog via GamerBytes]

Jordan Devore
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