Hugh Jackman may put on his yellow spandex one more time (finally)

Or not … thanks Sebastian Stan!

Temper your expectations with with every level of obvious skepticism and hearsay filter you can.

After all, our source is the ramblings of one Sebastian Stan, most commonly referred to as Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan, since his name’s not quite synonymous with the comic book character he plays, say like a Robert Downey Jr., or a, well, Hugh Jackman.

Stan, attending the Ace Comic Con as a panel member, revealed that he’d recently had a chance to chat with Hugh Jackman. Naturally, the only thing that came to his mind was the same thing that comes to all our minds: will Jackman return to play Wolverine again, now that Disney has bought Fox assets which could place the X-Men inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Apparently, Jackman didn’t say anything new, as Stan wouldn’t confirm anything more than he said he’s been thinking about it. More importantly, this felt like another opportunity to open up the should-the-Avengers-and-X-Men-exist-in-the-same-universe can of worms … AND, if so, should Wolverine finally wear his iconic yellow spandex? You may have noticed that while the Avengers have embraced some version of their comic book costumes, the X-Men have avoided their iconic looks (outside of Deadpool), conspicuously.

Hugh Jackman might come back as Wolverine, according to Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan [Digital Spy]


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