Huge Morrowind fan project Tamriel Rebuilt gets even more content

That makes seven expansions now for the mod.

Screenshot from a Morrowind video showing a piece of land stretching into the horizon.

As long as there is Morrowind, there will be mods for it. However, Tamriel Rebuilt is something else; the combination of fan commitment, and now the project has just released another expansion.

Called “Andaram,” this latest update adds even more to the ambitious TES3 mod. A trailer on YouTube gives a taste of what’s been added, and details say the new area features, “over 100 quests and 9 faction questlines, including a new vampire clan and the highly anticipated Andothren Thieves Guild.”

According to the website, this represents the seventh major expansion for the project, which this area being located by the Thirr River.

So what is Tamriel Rebuilt, exactly?

Generally regarded as the smallest game in the base Elder Scrolls entries, Morrowind only really incorporates the island of Vvardenfell, ignoring the rest of the mainland.

It’s a bit like if you were to make a game that was set in the United Kingdom, but only mapped out Ireland. What Tamriel Rebuilt does is add in the Elder Scrolls equivalent of England, Wales, and Scotland. At least, that’s my take on it.

The fan project technically began before Morrowind was officially released and has been in development ever since. According to the Wiki, around half of the mainland is now playable, and more is being worked on all the time.

The mod is free to download and try, which makes me wonder why I haven’t played it myself yet. Also, if you’re interested in helping out, the team is always looking for people to join Tamriel Rebuilt in a number of capacities.

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