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A few months ago, we kicked off a fun new perk for our HUGE members: monthly “Bonus Levels” newsletters direct from the Dtoid staff! Every month, you can expect a new letter penned from your favorite staff members sent straight to your e-door. Sw33t!

In this month’s letter, we talk about some of the fun stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes lately, plus our hopes and dreams for 2015, and it features words from some of your favorite Dtoid Internet celebrities! Sound like something you might wanna take a peek at? Sign up for a Destructoid HUGE membership! It’s only $3 a month, and it gets you auto-entered into every contest, ad-free browsing, experimental site features (like uploading your own background for the front page), and more! And best of all, the money goes directly toward supporting the site you love.

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