Huge list of TGS products show tons of 3DS support

The CESA, organizers of Tokyo Game Show, have released a partial list of games and products slated to be shown at the event, set to kick off in about two weeks. There’s 664 products expected, and this massive list shows off 477 of them. The breakdown, which does not include unannounced titles, says that there are almost 50 3DS titles lined up for the show. 

Feel free to poke through the lists at Andriasang. I saw no surprises, and I’m sure that’s because they’re being held back. For example, I’m sure Sony is sitting on lots of Vita announcements. I did find some funny names in the listings, though. Enjoy:

  • ARC Style: Jazzy Billiards 3D Professional (3DS)
  • Colors Vanilla’s Rainbow Afternoon (iOS)
  • My Cat Chummy (iPad)
  • Heart Flavor Harvest (mobile)
  • Sonic Generations (kidding!)
Dale North