Huey Lewis’ ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’ in Rock Band

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Huey Lewis is already in Rock Band with his “The Power of Love,” but a few more of The News’ hits are being added to the Rock Band music store this week. They’re priced at $5.49 for the 3-song pack, or $1.99 a song.

All of the new Huey additions to Rock Band are great songs to sing to. “The Heart of Rock and Roll” starts with that kick drum heart beat and goes into that goofy driving beat and lyrics that never quite make sense. Speaking of goofy beats, “I Want A New Drug” also has one, made up of a never-ending bass line and silly synth stabs. “Do You Believe in Love” is the slowest, but it’s got that great cheesy chorus harmony going on.

Oh, and the video for “Do You Believe in Love” is fantastic; it’s a bunch of guys are sing-screaming at a naked girl laying in bed. That’s exactly the type of video I would have made if I were a 1980s rock star.

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