Hudson’s Tower of Shadow looks amazing, reminds of Ico

Hudson Japan’s teaser page for Kagenotou doesn’t give us much to go on. We know it’s a Wii game, something Hudson calls a “shadow action adventure” in their link text.

It seems that the shadow of a boy is trying to ascend a tower. He tries only to interact with shadows, working to walk only on the shadows that objects cast. He’ll even interact with shadows of items to control their real-life counterparts. A partner butterfly will help the shadow boy in his journey up the tower, assisting with light/shadow control.

Poking around the teaser page, we saw a few screenshots. You have to really look for the boy, as he’s actually part of the shadows, and not in the foreground. There’s also a grayed out link for a trailer, which we’re sure will come soon. We noticed that you can control the butterfly with your mouse, and if you click on the shadow boy, he’ll jump.

There’s no release date or other details on this Tower of Shadow yet, but it definitely looks like something I’d play. What about you?

[via NeoGAF]


Dale North