Hudson’s Calling announced for North America

Hudson Entertainment’s Calling is real and it will be coming to North America. Earlier this afternoon, Hudson officially announced that the Wii-exclusive survival title would be making the jump across the pond at some point in Spring 2010. The publisher also released several screenshots of the title that are now viewable in the gallery immediately below all this silly text stuff.

A horror game wouldn’t be a horror game without a delightfully tacky story. Get ready for this: Calling’s story revolves around the Internet. A spooky Web site with a weird page view counter is suspected of killing people. It’s your job to figure out if it is indeed killing people or if it’s just a hoax or something by going into a “space-inbetween-space” otherwise known as the Calling. Apparently this is something spooks and specters can do, so why not, right?

The press release (included below the fold) makes it clear there won’t be any physical fisticuffs. Seems like a flashlight and a handy notepad will be your weapons against the spooky Web site and creepy little ghost girls.

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