HTC Vive will cost almost 700 British Pounds, 900 Euros

Pre-orders launch tomorrow

A week ago, we learned the HTC Vive price was going to be pretty steep ($799 in the USA). Since then, people in other countries have been eagerly awaiting news on how the local pricing would stack up. Simply put, the HTC Vive is going to be pricey no matter where you live.

The Valve co-developed VR headset and motion controllers are going to cost £689.00 at launch in the United Kingdom, €899 in Europe, CAD 1149 in Canada, and ¥111,999 in Japan. Yep, brace your bank accounts. If you have the cash and are interested in early adoption, you can pre-order one starting February 29, with orders shipping April 5.

International pricing for Vive pre-order [HTC]

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