HP is selling a VR-ready gaming desktop for only $599

Spec (and price) won’t blow you away

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No longer wishing to sit on the VR sideline because that favorite “game” of yours now has VR support? Been thinking of picking up a new gaming desktop but budget and time are limited? You’re in luck this week as HP is selling a specific Pavilion Desktop configured to be VR Ready without breaking the bank.

HP currently has the HP Pavilion 560 decked out with a Radeon RX 480 video card for only $599.99 after a limited-time $150 off coupon. Coupled with the current $50 instant savings that runs until January 14, you’re look at a pretty sweet price-to-performance ratio.

HP Pavilion 560 Deal

The gaming desktop comes with a Core i5-6400 CPU (3.30Ghz Quad Core); 8GB of RAM; and a 128GB SSD paired with a 1TB hard disk drive. While you won’t exactly wow that hardcore PC “master race” friend of yours, you’ll be able to play quite a few VR titles at this price point (of course, you have to invest another equivalent amount in the VR headset of your choice).

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