HoYoverse confirms Zenless Zone Zero is also coming to consoles

Well, that’s a welcome change.

zenless zone zero zzz mihoyo

Zenless Zone Zero, the stylish new game from HoYoVerse (MiHoYo) looks to be releasing on consoles, in addition to PC and mobile devices, as announced at the Tokyo Game Show Special Program. In past looks, the game was only announced for PC, iOS and Android.

Which consoles Zenless Zone Zero will be released for is, unfortunately, still a mystery. But if this game follows in its older sibling Genshin Impact’s footsteps, we can probably expect it to come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It most certainly could also come to Nintendo Switch, though Genshin Impact has not been made available for that platform as of writing — though it has been confirmed.

The TGS Special Program for Zenless Zone Zero features Yuka Iguchi and Yumi Igarashi, the voice actors behind Koleda and Corin, who discuss the game at length, from its setting as “the last urban civilization,” to “aspects such as the city and character design,” according to HoYoVerse. It’s about nineteen minutes in length, but as of writing, it has yet to be translated into English.

Zenless Zone Zero is, according to the official YouTube channel, a game taking place in “a dangerous world under constant threat from the mysterious calamities known as the “Hollows”, where the old civilization has been destroyed and world order lays in ruins.” It’s up to a variety of characters to take a stand and defeat the Hollows, each with their own unique reasons for fighting.

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