How would you develop the ultimate video game television show?

If you’re around the same age as myself or any other gamer that’s been exposed to the industry since the 80s, then you’re well aware that video game television shows suck major balls. Sure, there are a few gems here and there, but for the most part they tend to insult us and aim for the lowest common denominator.

Now, seeing as how the Destructoid community is one of the savviest groups around, I thought it’d be appropriate to ask you how you’d build the best video game television show. What elements would you want to see in there? What sort of “attitude” should the show have? Would you want to see a daily show or just a weekly round-up? Got good ideas, we’d like to hear them … because you never know what’s on the horizon here at Destructoid. *wink wink*

Robert Summa