How would you change the hearts of the games industry?

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You are a shadowy Fandom Thief, preparing to pull off the videogame heist of the century. After E3, social media will be abuzz with tales of how you mysteriously altered the course of a major player in the games industry.

Which major player, you ask? That’s up to you! Want this year’s Nintendo Direct to focus on Mother 3? Simply change Reggie Fils-Aime’s beefy heart to make him see the importance of Lucas’s strange, heart-rending adventure. Want Ubisoft to preempt their new IP announcement by canceling Far Cry 5, as penance for its heretical direction? Simply show Yves Guillemot’s inner demons the guillotine, and show him the light.

The rules are thus: much like the heroes of super-stylish cognitive caper Persona 5, you must make your way through your target’s mental palace to steal their treasure.


Palaces are unearthly strongholds borne from the minds of their rulers, representing how they truly see the world around them. Peter Molyneaux, for instance, may find himself in a black and white hellscape populated by insidious reporters. Give deep thought to how your target’s palace looks, and what kind of demons you’ll encounter within.  Knowing the crime scene is essential a successful of a heist, after all.

A Treasure is no mere trinket; it’s an object that represents what led a heart astray to begin with. Shigeru Miyamoto’s could be a golden saxophone with Wiimote buttons, symbolizing his obsession with attracting the casual crowd. You’ll need to determine what your target’s Treasure is before you can take it.



You could make any company announce any game, but try to think a bit bigger. Might there also be past mistakes your target must atone for, or future ones they must prevent? Do they need to stop announcing new games, to focus on projects their fans are already eagerly awaiting?

Once you’ve thought things through, post below to let us know whose heart you’ll be changing this weekend. The comments section will be our base of operations, from which we will collectively heal every corrupt or misguided soul in the business.

Only then can this industry’s rehabilitation can truly begin.



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