How to use the Token Machine in Resident Evil 4 remake

Token machine in Resident Evil 4 remake

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The Token Machine in Resident Evil 4 remake adds a random gacha-like element to the game (within reason!). Each charm obtained can change Leon’s stats: For example, the Don Esteban charm adds 15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency. Here’s how to use the Token Machine in Resident Evil 4 remake to pick up one of these charms!

How to operate the Token Machine

How to use Token Machine in Resident Evil 4 remake
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When you reach Chapter 3, you’ll see the Merchant within a cave northeast of the Quarry and east of the Church area. To his right, you’ll see an elevator that once activated will take Leon down to the shooting range. If you explore the first room and turn an immediate right from the elevator, you’ll notice a boxed-shaped token machine with multi-colored balls inside. This is the Token Machine in the Resident Evil 4 remake. If you interact with it, you’ll notice three different slots.

Now, make your way down the stairs to the shooting range. You should notice a pirate-themed area. Press the X button (or A on Xbox) to initiate the shooting range’s trials by ringing the bell on the table. Take a gander at the rewards for each game, and you’ll notice you’re tasked with getting as many points as possible (for example, you’ll get one golden token if you get 5,000 points in 1-B). Silver tokens can also be earned with lower tier scores. Another golden token can be attained if you shoot all of the skeleton-headed signs in each level, but it’ll arguably be the most challenging aspect of the shooting range minigame.

Once you’ve gathered at least three tokens of any time, it’s time to go back up to the Token Machine. Place all of the tokens you’ve gained into the machine, and a charm will roll out of it.

How to equip charms

How to equip charms in Resident Evil 4 remake
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To gain the stat boost from the charm you’ve collected, go back to any typewriter (the main way to manually save in the Resident Evil 4 remake). Now, select “Customize Case.” Go down to the Charms section and choose which one you’d like. You can equip three at a time. You’ll then see them dangling on your Attache case. Abilities can also stack with the Charms. For instance, the Don Esteban and Zealot w/shield when used together gains shotgun shells craft bonus frequency by 35%.

Other charms like Luis Sera increase the value of your weapons by 20% to the Merchant, while Ada Wong provides a 30% reduced price on Body Armor repairs. These charms can help with Leon’s wallet too.

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